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Enquirer photo/Lauren Jackson Superintendent Bill Hopkins led the main remarks before turning the presentation over to the students.

This is about the children

Morgan County Schools holds state of the schools address

The annual Morgan County State of the Schools address took place Nov. 1 at First Baptist Decatur. The event welcomed local industry and community leaders, and provided an update on Morgan County Schools.

Morgan County Schools superintendent Bill Hopkins delivered the main remarks before turning the program over to Morgan County students. Students from several of the schools throughout the Morgan County school system shared their experiences, and new programs that have been started in the system. “If the children can do it, let the children do it. So many times we as adults get in the way of the kids. They are the stars. They are the ones that it is all about,” Hopkins said.

Students from Priceville, Falkville, Brewer, West Morgan and the Morgan County Schools tech park all shared specific programs going on at their school. A pre-k student also spoke. “If you want to know what the state of the schools is… we have six different programs we are going to show you today. They are going to show you what is going on not only in their school, but in their school system,” Hopkins said.

The students shared about technology integration, ACT preparation, APlus College Ready, STARS special needs program, the career technology program and the pre-k program. Each of the programs had a student representative that shared what the program was, and what it was doing for their academic success. “I am excited that this shows a wide range of what’s going on in Morgan County,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said he was excited to be able to showcase leadership from the students.  “Talk about leadership skills, this gives us hope for the county. You can’t put a grade on that,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said that he wanted to allow the students to speak to show a true picture of what the schools look like. “This is about the children,” he said.