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The divisions must stay the same

Caleb Suggs

Hartselle Enquirer

Every year it happens as it is pretty much inevitable in the state of Alabama. Of course I’m talking football withdrawal. Other sports such as basketball and baseball do their best to hold Alabama natives’ attention, but eventually the withdrawal sets in.

To offset it, the news is usually filled with football related headlines that garner talk and debate and so on. Last year one of the big debates was the transfer problem in which Alabama coach Nick Saban was trying to keep Maurice Smith from transferring to fellow SEC school Georgia. This year the debate is whether Auburn should move to the SEC East.

The basis of this debate is that for geography purposes Auburn should be in the east and Missouri should be in the west. My thoughts on that are is that if we are going with geography purposes, then neither Missouri nor Texas A&M should be in the SEC because neither is in the South East. Missouri knew what they were getting into when they wanted to leave the Big 12 and come to the SEC.

My biggest problem with Auburn moving to the east is how it affects the Iron Bowl. Former Auburn coaching legend Pat Dye said in an interview that he wanted to move Auburn to the East even if it meant losing the Iron Bowl. I respect Dye very much but to make a comment like that is absurd. The Iron Bowl is too important to the fans in Alabama. Sure, the chance of them meeting in the SEC Championship is sweet to think of. However, what happens if they don’t meet in the SEC title game? Are Alabama and Auburn fans willing to go possibly multiple years without an Iron Bowl matchup? On the flip side of that what happens if they move to separate divisions, keep the iron Bowl and then play again in the title game? Imagine in 2013 when Auburn defeated Alabama with the kick six. It was the most emotional win in Auburn history. Imagine if Auburn would’ve had to turn around and play Alabama again the next week. Alabama would have had all the advantage in the world.

Some Auburn fans want to move because it’s an easier path to the SEC title game. My response to that is man up and quit trying to take the coward’s way out. Defeating Alabama to get to the title game is a part of what makes it sweet. The bottom line is the divisions need to stay the same.