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A look back at “Goof Off Day”

Today, March 22, 2017, has been designated as national “Goof Of Day.”  This a holiday which should not be difficult for any and every citizen to celebrate.  The folks mentioned in the following items were definitely not perpetual goof offs.  That requires special skill which these people did not possess.  Like the rest of us, they just enjoyed time off from work with their families.  When the time came to go back to work, they were ready, willing, and able.  In addition, the time of goofing off had given them new energy to undertake tasks which, before the goofing off break, might have seemed impossible.

April 26, 1909—Because of his affluence—much more than that possessed by the tellers and other employees in his chain of banks, Mr. S. S. Broadus was recently able to take his family on an in-depth trip to the British Isles and Continental Europe, a “goofing off” period lasting several weeks.  The Broaduses have many beautiful photographs to show their friends who privately confess their envy at any family whose wealth makes possible such a trip.  There is a Tennessee Valley Bank in almost any town meriting being called a town in this area.

May 17, 1918–The automobile tourists whose accumulated wealth has enabled them to spend the winter in Florida doing whatever they wished—except work–are now passing through in their northward bound trip in large numbers via the Alabama Jackson highway (later called the Beeline Highway). Others of our northern neighbors with wealth impoverished southerners can only dream about are heading south from their desk jobs in northern and Midwestern cities for spring and summer vacations.  With the continued flow of new cars through Hartselle going both north and south, the Beeline highway is almost as busy as an ordinary street.

July 16, 1923—Due the mental stress associated with being a full-time pastor (more than just preaching two services on Sunday), the Rev. R. W. Anderson, leader of the local Methodist church, is having to take an extended leave of absence.  Part of his time be spent in Tuscaloosa.

May 25, 1944–Cadet Hugh H. Pattillo who has been extremely diligent in his studies at the Gulf Port, Miss., Military Academy during the new concluding 1943-44 academic year has now arrived back at home.  He can now kick off his shoes and the rest of his military gear and take it easy for awhile.  Knowing, Hugh, however, it won’t be long until he finds some productive work to do.  He is never one to goof off for an extensive period of time.

July 30, 1949—Horace Broom is at home at present after having pursued a vigorous curriculum of classes during the 1948-1949 academic year at Auburn.  He is not just goofing off, however.  Instead he is teaching swimming classes to an aspiring group of would-be future Olympians at a Decatur pool

June 1, 1950–Lee Palmer, who is constantly striving to make his Western Auto Store, the best of them all, has decided it’s time to take some time off.  Mr. Palmer, his wife Lucile, and daughter Betty are now taking a brief time off over at Wheeler Dam Park.  This way he will be available should any matter at the store require his attention.  Obviously he hopes this won’t be the case.  That is obviously Lucile and Betty’s hope as well.

February 15, 1952—Sgt. And Mrs. Dee Proctor were able to goof off recently during a short vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Sgt. Proctor’s military duties are so numerous as to make these R&R opportunities very rare.

January 7, 1954–Scotty Stone is now back diligently pursuing his studies in Williamsburg, Va., to at William and Mary college after having a few days to goof during Christmas with friends and family.