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Celebrating January birthdays at Mt. Zion Baptist Church were Carrie Wallace on Jan. 1, Chris Ricks and Coty Tapscott, both on Jan. 7, Myron Tapscott on Jan. 11, Angie Wakefied on Jan. 16, Wayne Ward on Jan. 21, Hayden Kolb on Jan. 23, Eli Wardon on Jan. 25, Leanna Tennyson on Jan. 26, Terri Tapscott on Jan. 29 and Horace Young and Sam Ferguson, both on Jan. 30.

Thinking about my childhood brings to my mind what a penny would buy. It could buy a piece of candy, a one cent post card, bubble gum and oatmeal cookies, that were kept in a jar on the store counter. When I was three years-old I would climb into a chair and dry dishes. My mother would give me a penny to do this. I would then put the penny into my bank.

I remember my first purchase at three-years-old. It was a kiddie car I bought for 75 cents from my little friends who no longer wanted it. I still have it.

There is a store in Marshall, Texas, that still sells penny candy they keep in a large wooden keg. They also sell bottle Cokes for five cents.

Birthday wishes are extended to Julie Asherbranner from her parents, Ronald and Jenny Asherbranner. Her special day was Jan. 12.

Birthday wishes are extended to Jayla Hayes and Donna Jones, both on Jan. 26, from Fairview: The Grace Place.

A Parent-Child Dedication service at First Baptist Church Falkville was held on .Jan. 15. Participants were William Rowen Chowning, son of Trey and Jade Chowning and Sadie Ruth Smith, daughter of Patrick and Jillian Smith.

Birthday wishes are extended to Janice Holmes on Jan. 27 from Jeanne Blackmon.

Thought for the Day: Health enough to make work a pleasure.

Wealth enough to support your needs.