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I am so very pleased to announce this week that Danville-Neel Elementary School has the honor of having the “Elementary Teacher of the Year” and “Support Staff Person of the Year” for the whole County. Congratulations to Jerry Rooks and Marty Kelsoe who are the recipients of this award at Danville-Neel Elementary School.

The Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church express Christian love and heartfelt prayers for the Police Officers, Firefighters and the following Soldiers and their Families and they are Alan Dugger-South Korea, Justen Terry-Navy, Andy LaFavor-Navy, Jeremy White-Navy, Anthony Thomas, Shane Parker-New Zealand, Josh Fagan-South Korea, Bryant Spears-Marines, Lee Thompson, Brad Wallace and also bless our School Teachers. God bless all of our Troops and their Families and “GOD PLEASE BLESS AMERICA.”

Special belated happy birthday wishes go out this week for Tyler Turrentine-Jan.16, Nik Newell-Jan. 19, Helen Taylor-Jan. 20, Emalyn Tucker-Jan. 20, Keith Roberts-Jan. 21 and Lillie Ann Dobbins-Jan. 22.

The Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church expresses Christian love and heartfelt sympathy to the following families and they are Pat Franklin and family in the death of her mother, Vonell Horton and also David Self, Stanley Self and family in the deaths of their aunt, Evalene Orr and their cousin, Phillip Alexander.

I want to share with our Hartselle Enquirer Readers this week a news letter written by Shady Grove Baptist Church pastor, Brother Tom Campbell and it reads as follows:                                                           It was a typical day at the store located in the forks of the road in our community and the bench in front of the establishment was lined with old timers exchanging news and tales of days gone by. Down the road there came a sound of an approaching automobile going much faster than was safe for that little paved road. The vehicle got closer and closer and the crowd became more and more concerned until it whizzed by leaving a blast of grit and debris that settled on the crowd. One of the old timers rose to his feet, shook his fist, and called out: “Slow down your darn fool!” Turning to the crowd he demanded, “Who was that idiot?” One of the younger men replied , “Uncle Zeb, that was your nephew, Ned.” A moment of silence suddenly settled over the onlookers. Zeb pushed the cap back on his head and muttered, “Well, maybe he wasn’t going as fast as I thought.” 1 Corinthians says that love believes the best in all things. Love does not count or keep score. 1 Peter tells us to keep loving each other because love covers a multitude of sins. Perhaps if we chose to see the failures and shortcomings of our neighbors through the eyes of family it would mitigate their severity and foster forgiveness.