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Penn School was located five miles south of Danville on Highway 55. It was built on land donated by Dr. Richard Penn in about 1900. It began as a one-room school, but later two more classrooms were added. Each teacher/principal taught up to fifty students with two or three grade levels in one room.        Former teachers/principals, Dr. Richard Penn, Steve Penn, Homer Gibson, John T. Rose, Iva Reid, Eva Slaten, Ola Penn, Luther Morris, Ruby Morris, Zora Morris, Annie Orr, Lester Phillips, Gertrude Roden, Jack Bryant, Roman Higdon, Clarence Pettey, John Burns, Gertrude Harvey, Christine Gosline, Buena Cobb, Evelyn Morris and Linnell Patton earned $80.00 a month with two years college training. Classes were held at Penn until 1939-40 when it was consolidated with Danville after the provision of motorized buses and improved roads.         Jack Steel bought the school after its closing and later donated it to the Church of God. The building was torn down in the 1950’s and a new church was built in its place.                                                                   During the Alabama Reunion in 1989, the first Penn School reunion was held at the old school site. In attendance were 135 former teachers, students and guests. Lizzie Reed Penn, niece of Dr. Richard Penn, told of going to Penn with her teacher-father, Steven Penn. Linnell Patton Orr(1939-40) shared Penn School memories with the group. The last Penn reunion was held at the church in 1992. The story was taken from The Morgan County Genealogy Society book titled “The Heritage of Morgan County Alabama” and was submitted by Essie Holladay.

The Week Days Deli luncheon was held on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at Holy Smoke BBQ in Tanner Heights. Those in attendance were Katie Beavers, Billy and Diane Tillman, Kay Farrer, Dwight Jones, Fred and Sandra Smith, Jerri and Jr. Hyatt, Traci Slate and Jimmy McClanahan. Everyone enjoyed the good food and visiting with one another.

McKendree United Methodist Church hosted a community supper of corndogs and french-fries, desserts and drinks on Fri., Jan. 13 at 5:30 p.m.

Celebrate Recovery met at 6:30 p.m. and Brother Mike Vest gave the program and purpose and Noah Battles led the song service. Brother Mike Vest, Tammy Vest and Lynn Hogan led the discussion groups.