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Trinity Woman Arrested after High Speed Chase in Hartselle


HARTSELLE—One person was arrested following a high-speed chase after a vehicle sped away from a traffic stop on Wednesday night.

Helen Hutto, 47, of Trinity was arrested after she and another unidentified person left the scene of a traffic stop. Hartselle Police Chief Ron Puckett said law enforcement officers pulled over a Jeep Grand Cherokee around 6:30 p.m. on Corsbie Street Wednesday because the car tag was not listed for the vehicle.

“Officers got out to approach the vehicle, and the jeep sped off and eventually made it to Vaughn Bridge Road heading west,” Puckett said. “ I guess the driver didn’t see the sign that said the bridge was out and they continued driving to where the bridge was under construction.”

Puckett said once the two occupants of the jeep could no longer drive, stopped the vehicle, and then proceeded to flee on foot into the neighboring woods.

“Officers searched the wooded area at the creek but they were not able to locate anyone—then about three hours later we received a call saying a female was walking down Vaughn Bridge Road soak and wet,” Puckett said. “She was one of the occupants in the jeep. She was later arrested for public intoxication and attempting to allude.”

Puckett said the second occupant of the vehicle and alleged driver has still not been located, but they have identified him. Hutto claimed to have been in the creek for nearly two hours before returning to the Hartselle city area on foot from Vaughn Bridge Road.

More information in relation to this story will be posted, as it becomes known.