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Hearing set for Hartselle CFO on leave

The Hartselle Chief Financial officer who was put on paid administrative leave has a hearing set Jan, 12 at the Board of Education.

Hartselle Superintendent Dr. Vic Wilson said CFO John Godwin’s situation will be discussed at the January hearing. Godwin has been on paid administrative leave since Dec. 1 pending an investigation, for which has not been released.

“We’ve been in conversation and with our attorney’s and we have the hearing set which will be open to the public,” Wilson said. “The intent is to discuss the administrative leave situation and how we are moving forward. I can’t say much more than that.”

When asked by the Enquirer if the resignations of the two female finance employees and Godwin’s administrative leave situation were connected, Wilson said he couldn’t comment on personnel matters.

“We don’t discuss personnel issues, we can comment on things that are public record, but not on personnel issues,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the Board accepted the resignation of finance employees Cara Standridge and Tara Humphries. Humphries has since been hired back at her former job for the Morgan County office. Humphries and Standridge, who are also sisters, submitted their resignations on December 14 to the school board, who approved them under Wilson’s recommendation.

Godwin signed a three-year contract making $96,600 annually. Standridge’s salary was $62,000, while Humphries was paid $42,000 annually.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.