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First week

Well I have just completed my first week as your new mayor in Hartselle. It has been eventful, but one that I have truly enjoyed. I have spent the past few days meeting with department heads, catching up on projects that are being worked on in the city and attended a training session on basically how to stay out of trouble as a public elected official.

You can trust me on this one that I took notes and paid lots of attention in this class. Much of the material is common sense type information, but after spending my adult career in private business there are differences that we might take for granted. But I am going to do my best to depend on those who have been at this much longer than I have and who have sage advice for me in this new role.

While I know there is much going on in Hartselle from covering activities in the city for the newspaper over the past few years, until you see behind the scenes what happens to make sure you receive your services most of you  would be amazed.

We possibly even take for granted the task of going to vote. Much work and planning goes into holding an election. Voting machines have to be acquired, they have to be tested, and poll workers have to be lined up and trained. There are always continuous changes in election law and those working the polls have to be sure they have the latest information.

Many of you have asked when your leaves will be picked up. The public works department has to make sure the equipment is ready to go, the employees are trained on the process and plans for the routes have to be drawn up. While many of us think this should happen faster than it does, there are also other activities these men have to keep up with also. Most of us still want our garbage picked up each week and our recycling also.

But I will let you know you have truly great folks working for the City of Hartselle. These folks want to make sure your trash is removed, your emergency calls are answered by both the police and fire department, our streets and roads are kept in descent condition for traveling and our parks and recreation facilities are kept in good condition.

I would like to thank all of the folks whom have helped me this past week get settled in and have truly been welcoming me into this office. They have gone above and beyond to help me in setting up my office, helping with technology and answering my questions, of which I have had many.

I know some are concerned with the results of the election last week, but I will let you know the city council and I are working on an ordinance that will continue to keep our city the special place that it currently exists as.

Hartselle is a great place to call home and my goal is to make it even better for all of us.