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Not a chance worth taking

I came across a bumper sticker a few years ago that had the following text:

I would rather live my life believing there is a God and die and found out there is not, than live my life not believing in God and die and find out He does exist.

Well, personally I without a shadow of a doubt believe there is a God who put this world in existence and sent His son as a sacrifice and atonement for all our sins.

I also believe when we leave the body that we were born in our soul continues to live on. That eternal part created by God himself was designed to last forever. Our God wants us to live with Him in the eternal home He has designed for us.

There has been much talk lately, especially on social media, about how we are living in the “last days” that Jesus spoke of during His time spent here on earth. There are many who have written books and produced videos who say events taking place in the month of September of 2015 play directly into Biblical end time prophecy.

From the proposed nuclear treaty with Iran, the visit by the Pope to Washington, the last in the series of “Blood Moons” and the timing of the Jewish New Year all point the way to the coming Armageddon and the end of times as we know them now.

Now for as long as I can remember there have always been those who try and predict when the end is coming and the return of Jesus. However, even Jesus himself told his disciples that only the Father knows when the end is to come.

But if you are a Bible scholar following world events the times in which we live seem to be pointing in that direction. But regardless of whether the trumpet sounds during September or 1000 years from now, each one of us will experience our own end of time when we die. The only time we could have is right now to make sure we are right with God and have accepted His gift of salvation. All of us will spend eternity either with God or in the absence of God in the place He refers to as a fiery furnace with weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Waiting because you do not think the end of time is not near is not a chance worth taking. Whether the end comes during our lifetime or we pass from this life to the next, don’t wait to ensure your salvation is secure. There are eternal consequences of our actions, and one way or another time is running out.