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Falkville officials concerned after snake farm discovery

The existence of a collection of exotic snakes in a private residence became public knowledge in Falkville three weeks ago when the fire department responded to a fire call and were told by the owner that he had snakes inside.

“After we got the fire under control and the house cooled down, the owner went inside and came out with 25 to 30 snakes,” said Falkville Police Chief Chris Free. “Upon questioning, he said he was raising them. They included boa constrictors and pythons.”

“We had no idea something like this was going on,” Mayor Bob Ramey stated at a regular town council meeting on Sept. 3. “It is of particular concern that this residence is close to Jack McCaig Park, Falkville Nursing Home and the schools. My wife takes our grandsons to the park to play.”

“I’ve gotten complaints from several residents who don’t want snakes to be anywhere around them,” he added.

When asked for advice, Town Attorney Larry Madison said, “You can adopt an ordinance that prohibits the keeping of exotic animals inside the city limits. You certainly have a right and responsibility to protect the public.”

Councilman Brandon Dillard pointed that the City of Madison has an ordinance that prohibits the keeping of snakes in a private home.

“I think it’s a good idea to take a look at other town ordinances that address the keeping of animals,” Madison said, “and consider the option of combining them into a single ordinance.”

“My suggestion is that you take this up at your next work session and go from there.” he added.