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City raises cancer awareness

Mayor issues order on childhood cancer month

Ava “Bug” Campbell might look like a typical young child, running around and having fun, but she’s a cancer patient.

The young daughter of Mike and Erica Campbell of Trinity was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia two years ago and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Now, their family is trying to help raise awareness about childhood cancer.

“Just about every other type of cancer is represented, but there’s not many out there looking out for the children who are battling cancer every day,” Erica said. “What we’re trying to do is to be a voice for them.”

Part of their campaign to raise awareness for childhood cancer is to asking municipalities to proclaim September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

After being approached by the Campbells, Mayor Don Hall did so at the Aug. 27 regular city council meeting. He issued the proclamation while the Campbells were present.

“We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers,” Hall said after reading the proclamation.

Erica said her daughter doesn’t know a life without cancer.

“To her, she thinks that cancer is pretty normal,” Erica said.

Mike said he loves to watch his younger daughter play just like any typical child.

“She’s just as energetic as any other child,” Mike said. “However, once she starts to slow is when she’s not feeling well.”

“That’s when we know that she needs a transfusion,” Erica said. “But once she gets a transfusion, she’s back to her old self.

Erica said those wanting more information or would like to track her progress may do so at their Facebook page entitled “Prayers for Ava.”