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Francis had the correct facts

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend Mr. Bob Francis and the entire committee for HEGD. They ran a very professional and respectful campaign. Hats off to their tireless effort. I have been appalled at the attitude of many in our town. These particular folks have used a spirit of intimidation, fear and wrongful judging to coerce votes. It was just simply wrong. Shame on all of you! The wet/dry issue in Hartselle has always been about receiving income from the sale of alcohol already being bought by Hartselle residents. We will continue to watch our surrounding cities grow and prosper. We will continue to shop, eat, and receive entertainment from those cities. I am certain those cities are elated at our decision. It was during our past local candidate forum that each candidate expressed the need for Hartselle to increase its revenue. It was every candidate’s opening remark. After the election, Mr. Jeff Johnson informed us that we had no need for the extra income from alcohol sales. We are prospering and Hartselle is fine. So, which is it? Some of our downtown stores are vacant, our hospital is no longer in operation, Copeland Corporation is gone, and it is possible that other establishments could consider closing. Our teens have no other options for work. They must go to other cities for jobs. It is preposterous to reason if a town serves alcohol, it is deemed a mischief maker town. Just take a trip to Mayberry, N.C. Better yet, just read the facts produced by Mr. Bob Francis.

Mary Speer