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I am amazed with this presidential campaign. First of all, I am disgusted by the amount of money that is involved. It brings to mind when I was in school. Each year, they would have a beauty pageant. Lots of the time, it wasn’t the prettiest and smartest that won, it was the one whose father put up the most money. Everyone knew this and yet, it went on and is still going on. We don’t get the one who would be the best person for president, we get the one with the most money backing them. This is my opinion, as I didn’t vote. I did not think either one was capable or running our country. Here I am, not picking sides, but I just saw where Mitt Romney was given $100 million at one point for his campaign. Did that make him smarter, more honest or more interested in what’s best for our country? Doesn’t it make sense to use that money to help our economy and give jobs to people who cannot put food on their tables? Now, I believe in the way our country was set up to run but now how it is running, so again, I am thinking, is anyone running who will help put our country back on track, of is it going to be like the one vote that ruled in congress. Instead of just “God Bless America”, it’s also “God Help America” and help American Bless God. Happy birthday to Donald Niles, July 30; Robert Drinkard, August 5 and to my grandson, David Simmons, II, August 12. We were sorry to hear that James Edward Lindsey suffered a mild heart attack. He has undergone several bypasses and is doing well. Keep him and his brother, Delbert, in your prayers. We were sorry to hear that Jake Stinson passed away. Our prayers go to his wife and family. I am so sorry about my not sending the news in. I guess you could say the time flew by and I neglected to take time to get news together. This is July 16 and we are enjoying seeing Felicia Hale’s new house go up. It seems like it is really going up fast. We are very happy for her and her family. Most of our family enjoyed attending church with our granddaughter and her husband. We were there to see the dedication of our great-grandson, Stockton Lane. This is the baby we asked prayer for in February. He is now a healthy 18 or 19 lbs. Thank God! Oden Ridge Baptist Church has planned a singing to begin their revival starting Sunday, the 22 and going through Friday night. Also, the church is planning a pizza party at Chuck-E-Cheese in Decatur on the evening of the 29. We were happy to have a visit on the 4th of July from our son and grandson, Joseph Simmons. Joe lived in Maryland and works for Boeing. Congratulations to Stan and Christa Drinkard on the birth of their son, Brett Samuel, on the 5th. He was born on his grandpa Robert Drinkard’s birthday. He has 2 older siblings, Brittney and Mark. Happy birthday to my sisters, Sue, on the 20th and Jeri, on the 27th. We are going to be in Michigan to celebrate with them. Our family has planned a reunion there for a week, starting the 20th and we plan on having a good time. Lawrence Cove Baptist Church is having a singing on the 5th Sunday. They will have potluck dinner after church and singing at 1. Hello to Jack Lindsey in Ohio, who is from here and gets the paper.