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Massey Volunteer Fire Department training officer Justin Tanner reports that his department has developed a good working relationship with Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin since she has been in office.

“I met her when she was campaigning for office and we had a good talk. She was very down to earth and that has not changed,” Tanner said. “She provided us classes on meth labs and sought our help to eradicate them in Morgan County. Later, she stepped up and offered valuable assistance to us when we were fighting a big grass fire. I gave her a long wish list and within hours her staff returned with food, water, ice, fuel and four-wheelers. Later, I thanked her for all she had done and she volunteered the assistance of her department anytime we need help in the future.”

Tanner offered this advice to residents during the hot, sultry days of July and August: “Check on the elderly and young because heat-related illnesses can set in very fast. If you plan to be outside working, drink lots of water and some sport drinks, no sodas. If you feel you are getting too hot, run cold tap water over your arms to cool off and take a rest. Don’t try to keep working when you feel thirsty because dehydration has already set in. Again, drink lots of water.”

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Monica Doherty and McKensie Alred, both on July 23, Scharlotte McAbee and Leon Self, both on July 24, Hunter LaRoche and Charlee Blanton, both on July 25, Gary Taylor on July 27, Taylor Jones on July 28 and Florence Painter on July 29.

Happy wedding anniversary wishes go out this week to Junior and Helen Taylor who will observe their 25th anniversary on July 25 and Billy Don and Linda Ryan who will observe their anniversary on July 29. Congratulations and best wishes for many more happy years together.

Belated happy wedding anniversary wishes go out this week to Mitch and Daphne Rogers who observed their anniversary on July 17 and Milford and Verna Fields who observed their anniversary on July 18.

Frances Rowe reports that Lucy is now at home and doing so much better. She would also like to express her appreciation to everyone for their prayers, visits and phone calls during Lucy’s illness.

Here is some good advice that was published in the Agricultural Almanac: “(Friendship) In every man’s life there sooner or later comes a time when the services of a friend are invaluable and when the want of them works disaster and ruin. No man be he high or low, rich or poor, from the monarch to the beggar can afford to lose a friend; for no greater loss can befall a man to lose and no greater folly can a man commit than to throw off or neglect one whose friendship he has no reason to doubt.”