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AARP #1831 installs new officers at monthly meeting

Chapter #1831 of AARP met for its monthly meeting at the Wedding Chapel with eight members present.

Patricia Moody, president, called the meeting to order with a welcome.

Members pledged allegiance to the U.S. flag. Sarah Plemons installed new officers. The service was done in a very interesting and informative manner. She used candy bars to identify officers and their duties. President Patricia Moody was Almond Joy, which is a leader in candy bars and signifies her leadership to move the organization forward with enthusiasm. However, she may be a bit ‘nutty’ for accepting.

First vice president to be elected a Life Saver was presented. Second Vice President Laverne Stacks was given a Snicker’s bar, because the search for new members is no laughing matter.

Secretary, Freida Betterton received a Whatchamacallit bar to identify cold notes interpretation for accuracy.

Assistant Secretary Phyllis Castile received a Bit-O-Honey to serve as glue for duties in a pinch. Treasurer, Martin Conley, who was absent, would have been presented a $100,000 bar, which will help to always see a balance.

Assistant Treasurer, Venita Proctor was given a Crunch bar indicating her willingness to step up in a crunch. Other members were asked to stand as she presented each with a candy drop representing ‘drop in bucket’ for AARP Chapter #1831 for its growth and cooperation with the elected officers and membership.

Ms. Plemons challenged the newly elected officers and members with a mission statement.

AARP is a nonpartisan membership organization for people 50 years and older, dedicated to enhancing quality of life for all as we age, which provides a wide range of benefits, special products, and services for members. Ms. Plemons recognized the weak points of the organization by its members and suggested ways to correct these. She stressed the use of a booklet, AARP Chapter Bylaws. The President, Ms. Moody, gave a word of thanks to Ms. Plemons for the excellent presentation of officers..

Minutes of previous meetings were read by the secretary, Freida Betterton. They were approved as corrected.

A treasurer’s report was not available..

Courtesy chairperson Laverne Stacks reported no cards sent during the month, however, she was given several names to receive cards.

Reminder of an upcoming event in May to honor the workers of Terrell Industries:.A need for hostesses was discussed. Maedru Driver and Clint Nicholson agreed to serve in March..

Phyllis Castile won the cake brought by Ms. Stacks. Door prizes were won by: Jack and Freida Betterton, Clint Nicholson and Venita Proctor.

Sarah Plemons paid annual dues for she and her husband, Horace Plemons.

A blessing for the covered dish meal was given by Ms. Moody.