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Hartselle Enquirer

Your opinion matters

Everyone has an opinion. We have views and we express them on this page every day, but your views are just as important to us as anything we write. That’s the reason why we have letters to the editor.

In this essential section of the paper, you, our readers, express your views whether you agree with us or not. In fact, if you disagree with us, we would love for you to send us a letter expressing that. Your take on an issue might be the solution were all looking for.

So tell us what you think.

If you want to submit a letter, you can do it several ways. You can mail it to our office at Hartselle Enquirer, Attn: Editor, P.O. Box 929, Hartselle, AL 35640. You can drop it off at our office on 407 Chestnut St. NW in Hartselle.

Letters can also be submitted through e-mail at editor@hartselleenquirer.com or log on to https://hartselle.wpengine.com/services/letter-to-the-editor-form/ to send your letter.

When you send a letter, please include your name, address and phone number. Please do not send any anonymous letters.

Sharing your opinion is a way to bring up an issue, to contribute to our community and to help make it a better place. So get out a pen and paper, or settle down to your keyboard

It only takes a few moments.