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Hartselle Enquirer

We can still get along

Dear Editor,

Hello, my name is Jerry Henderson and I am still a rather new resident to Hartselle as I have only lived here about one year and I am a subscriber to your newspaper.

I just finished reading your article entitled “One city” and I hope that many more do also.

I say this as I have met a few people who are against the sale of alcohol in Hartselle and that is fine. But upon telling me they are against the sale of alcohol and since I have stated that I believe alcohol sales should be permitted, some of them begin to inform me of how they would never hire me because of my beliefs. One of my neighbors even told me I was a bad person and should move out of Hartselle if that is how I feel.

Being a diabetic I do not drink alcohol, but I do believe that it is the 21st century and life is about choices.

So hopefully those residents who would condemn others for their opinion will read your article “One city” and realize we are neighbors and though our opinions and thoughts may be different, we can still get along, respect and as you said still Love each other.

Jerry Henderson