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Hargett’s celebrate 25th wedding anniversary

This week I am including some helpful hints on what to look for when purchasing a used automobile as reported in the 1942 Agricultural Almanac: (1) Hood won’t fit may be due to accident that has sprung the frame. (2) Tires on front wheels badly cupped indicate wheels out of alignment. (3) Lights go dim when starter is used indicates that battery is poor condition. (4) Engine clattery when first started indicates sloppy pistons. (5) Inability to idle in high gear under 10 miles an hour indicates uneven compression in engine or needs a tune-up. (5) Puff of smoke from exhaust when accelerating after long idle indicates worn piston rings, pistons and cylinders. (7) Tires regrooved into the cords indicate danger and expense ahead. (8) Price in code indicates that seller is out to get all he can for the car. Look out.

Shady Grove Baptist Church remembered a deceased church member recently: Grace Wallace Taylor, Aug. 8, 1907 – June 13, 2009. She is still greatly missed by family members and friends.

Wonderful belated happy wedding anniversary wishes go out this week to Billy and Janice Hargett who celebrated their 25th anniversary on Aug. 15, Jim and Scharlotte McAbee who celebrated their anniversary on Aug. 16.

Happy wedding anniversary wishes go out to Alan and Amy Lacy who will celebrate their 15th anniversary on Aug. 17.

Members of McKendree United Methodist Church express Christian love and prayers for the following: (military) Derek Barbee, Justin Blanchard, Trevor Bremmer, Evan Burgess, Jessie Calvert, Cody Clay, Scott Coffey, Amanda Cooper, Justin Demastes, Robbie Edge, Chris England, Jonathan Gandy, Jose Gardner, Thomas Hill, Wesley Hollis, Earl Johnson, Gray Keenum, Jeremy Kilgore, Jeremy Kubler, J.J. Lauderdale, Steven Lauderdale, Jon Lindsey, Joanthan McNatt, Jeremy McVay, Frankie Millious, Logan Murphy, Corey Nixon, Craig Poole, Christopher Posey, Luke Reeder, Dustin Reeves, Harley Reid, Scott Reid, Alisha Rogers, Tony Russell, Cody Simpson, Clint Stidham, Jared Tanner Tony Truffa, Andrew Wllhite and Andrew Young; (others) Teresa Abercrombie, Parker Alexander, Mary Arnold, Bill Bellew, Erlene Ballew, Joanne Black, Stephanie Bonner, Mahlon Brown, Neil Buckelew, Lorene Bryant, Jimmy and Wanda Clark, Chase Cross, Tim Dunlap, Gene Durand, Barry Dutton, Mary Dutton, Barbra Gandy, Woodfin Gregg, Audrey Hammond, Betty Hampton, Tex Hanners, Randy and Julie Haynes, Jessica Harden, Jerry Helms, Bonnie Holmes, Cody Houser, Jeff Johnson, Sally Kerr, Jenny Kidder, Rhonda Lee, Amber Lewis, Sadie Long, Elliot Malone, Alettia, Traylor and Emerson Miller, Earline Morris, Melva Nelson, Pam Patterson, Pat and Dee Patterson, Rufus Penn, Ace Perkins, Ruth Perry, Bobby Pickens, Aubrey Powell, Wyne Roden, Andy and Cindy Roberts, Reagan Roberts, Jackie and Kenneth Sharp, Kimberly Smith, Marley Smith, Ed Sorrell, Jonathon Spruell, Elaine Stephens, Allen Stewart, Jean Srisher, Tammy Stover Derrill Tomlin, L.D. Tucker, Luke Tucker, Buckley Williams, and Joy Davis Williams.

Christian love and sympathy goes out this week to the families of Shane Duncan, Ruth Lawrence, Laverne Red, July Lett and Joe Alan Murphy.

Special prayer goes out to the following who are in nursing homes and assisted living facilities: Madeline Burns, Ann Douglas, Louise Dutton, Hattie Mae Hardin, Jean Lawrence, Edna Lee, David and Wanda Parker, Lois Penn, Andy Roper, Marie Saint, Dick Townsend and Lou Annie Watts.

Belated happy wedding anniversary wishes go out to Will and Larisa Partlow who enjoyed celebrating their 15th anniversary on Aug. 15.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Linda Vest and Frank Jones, both on Aug. 21.