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Football fever returns

Sweat-soaked jerseys, grunts and groans and sore muscles are sure signs we’ve got some football going on in Morgan County.

High schools kicked off fall practice camps Monday and colleges will follow later this week. In less than a month all eyes will be turned to high school football fields on Thursday and Friday nights and a week later college stadiums will grab the spotlight for Saturday’s “big game.”

What about a season-opening clash between cross-town rivals Decatur and Austin? This one is sure to have pigskin prognosticators standing on their heads to pick a winner. And the outcome will be a subject of discussion by armchair quarterbacks for days to come. Plus, the two teams are likely to meet again in the playoffs if they perform to the expectation of their fans.

Does Hartselle’s Tigers have the talent and experience needed to make another strong run for a state title? How much will they miss all-star players like Will Lang, Will Tiffin, Malcom Fossett and Austin Borden? Who has the talent and drive to step up and fill their shoes?

These are among the many questions to which local football fans are seeking answers. Some will come soon; others will have to wait.

Good luck and best wishes go out to all football fans as an exciting new season begins to unfold.