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Massey VFD holds first responder class

Massey Volunteer Fire Department conducted a First Responder Class recently with Justin Tanner serving as instructor.

The class was designed to teach the general public—especially individuals working with children—advanced first aid techniques. Subjects included roles, responsibilities and functions of the first responder, anatomy, basic life support including CPR and artificial ventilation, shock, fracture splinting, injuries to the head and spine, injuries to the chest, heart attack and stroke, burns, childbirth and pediatric emergencies.

“A positive outcome of the emergency situation can very well rest in the hands of the person who responds first if they are trained properly,” Tanner stated.

Following is a list of the people and the departments that supported the 20-hour class: Ebenezer VFD—Brittany Freeman, Johnny Sim-mons, Kaylene Sim-mons, Adam Cryer, Allie Cooper, Megan Cam-mon, Maria Hurd and John Kermish; Morgan County Rescue Squad—Danny Kelso, Shannon Leah, Sylvia Peppers, CJ Overall, Mike Overall and Terry Jones; Massey VFD—Jake Thomas, Jacob Fisher, Brandon Rusken and Hunter Brooks; Danville VFD—David Bramlett; Punkin Center VFD—Steve Poole, Timothy Wakefield, Cody Poole, Shawn Bolan and Rebecca McCarty.

Special congratulations go out to my friend, Nancy Helms, on the birth of her great-grandson, Issac Duane Hunt. He was born July 20, weighting eight pounds and two ounces and was 20 inches long. Duane is the son of Charles and Rebecca Hunt and his grandparents are Charee and Joe Skipworth and Dawn Miller. His other great-grandmother is Beverly Kuykendall.

Belated happy birthday wishes go out this week to Hunter LaRoche on July 25 and Jonathan Morgan on July 27.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Ryn Taylor Jones on July 28, Florence Painter on July 29, Max Roden on July 30 and Steve Terry on July 31.

Special belated happy wedding anniversary wishes go out to my friends, Junior and Helen Taylor. They enjoyed celebrating their 24th anniversary on July 25.

Shady Grove Baptist Church members express Christian love and prayers for Jennifer Smith, Shirley Bibb, Junior Taylor, Chester Campbell, Barbara Gillespie, Lynn Montgomery, Stephanie Hyde, Bobby Brant, Gloria Hadder, Joe Cox, Wanda Archer, J.W. Franklin, Jerry Jordan and Barbara Franklin.

Christian love and heartfelt sympathy is expressed to the following families: Justin Turrentine and family in the death of his uncle, William Terry Turrentine, Janis Spinks and Gary Long and families in the death of their uncle, Buey Lamar Long and Tom and Connie Campbell and family in the death of his aunt, Clara Campbell.

Belated happy birthday wishes go out to Olivia Lewis on July 27.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Donald Terry on July 28 and Randy Besnyl and Doug Vest, both on July 30.

Happy wedding anniversary wishes go out to Billy Don and Linda Ryan on July 29.

McKendree UMC members express Christian love and prayers for Derek Barbee, Justin Blanchard, Trevor Bremmer, Evan Burgess, Jessie Calvert, Cody Clay, Robbie Edge, Shane Edge, Chris England, Jonathan Gandy, Jose Gardner, Thomas Hill, Wesley Hollis, Earl Johnson, Gray Keenum, Jeremy Kilgore, Jeremy Kubler, J.J. Lauderdale, Jon Lindsey, Jonathan Monett, Jeremy McVay, Fran Murphy, Corey Nixon, Christopher Posey, Luke Reeder, Dustin Reeves, Harley Reid, Scott Reid, Alisha Rogers, Tony Russell, Cody Simpson, Clint Stidham, Jared Tanner, Tony Truffa, Andrew Wilhite and Andrew Young.

Christian love and sympathy goes out this week for the families of Butch Cook, Bill Grisham, Shirley Lee, Steve Nelson and Laverne Reid.

McKendree UMC extends Christian love and prayers to the following residents of local nursing homes and assisted living homes: Madeline Burns, Ann Douglas, Louie Dutton, Hattie Mae Harden, Jean Lawrence, Edna Lee, David and Wanda Parker, Lois Penn, Andy Roger, Marie Saint, Dick Townsend and Lou Annie Watts.