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Carden finishes recruit training in Coast Guard

Coast Guard Fireman Apprentice Joseph D. Carden, son of Patty L. Sanderson of Hartselle and Walter D. Carden of Hartselle, recently graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Recruit Training Center in Cape May, N.J.

During the eight-week training program, Carden completed a vigorous training curriculum consisting of academics and practical instruction on water safety and survival, military customs and courtesies, seamanship skills, physical fitness, health and wellness, first aid, firefighting and marksmanship.

Men and women train together from the first day in the Coast Guard just as they will work together aboard ships and shore units throughout the world. To reinforce the team concept, all recruits are trained in preventing sexual harassment, drug and alcohol awareness, civil rights training, and the basics of the work-life balance.

Carden and other recruits also received instruction on the Coast Guard’s Core Values – Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty – and how to apply them in their military performance and personal conduct.

Carden is a 2008 graduate of Hartselle High School.