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A Look Back, June 30-July 6, 1961

June 30, 1961 – Less than a hundred people were reported to have voted by mid-morning on the question of whether there would be parallel parking on Main Street. Later: Returns tonight showed Hartselle voters favoring parallel parking by a margin of 277-187. Mayor Grady Long says the switch will be made in the next few days.

June 30, 1961 – Hartselle’s Charles Rutledge, Morgan County agricultural agent, is currently in Birmingham for his association’s annual meeting. The first speaker, an Alabama legislative leader, told the assembled men that one bill had passed each house thus far. That was to give members two weeks of vacation with pay.

July 1, 1961 – A young man, age 14, tried to wreck a freight train as it passed through Hartselle tonight. He put three switch plates on the track near the depot. The engine of the train bucked up on impact but the cars did not derail. The boy will be tried for his malicious act in Morgan County court.

July 1, 1961 – Hartselle’s C&S baseball team lost to Hatton 6-4 in an Independent League game played here today. Though his team lost, Joe McCutcheon hit a homer that helped keep the contest a close one.

July 1, 1961 – Today marks the beginning of National Hot Dog Month.

July 1, 1961 – Plans are under way to establish a boys ranch for delinquent youth in rural Morgan County.

July 1, 1961 – “Macumba Love” is now showing at the Ranch Drive-in Theatre.

July 1, 1961 – The Shell service station at Flint, south of here, was robbed early this morning. Loot included cigarettes, cigars, and a small amount of cash.

July 2, 1961 – Hartselle physician Dr. Harold Blanton has been re-elected president of the Morgan County Gun Club. Under his leadership the group has grown from a handful of members to the present total of 140. A skeet shooing range has been erected atop Burleson Mountain. Jimmie Davis, also of Hartselle, is the MCGC’s treasurer.

July 2, 1961 – Hartselle State Rep. Bob Gilchrist appeared on TV from Birmingham’s Channel 13 this afternoon to discuss Gov. John Patterson’s proposed legislative reapportionment plan. Gilchrist is the floor leader for the plan in the Alabama House of Representatives.

July 2, 1961 – President Kennedy has signed the 1961 Social Security Act into law. It will allow men as well as women to retire at 62. The minimum Social Security monthly check will be up from $33 to $40.

July 2, 1961 – Famed novelist Ernest Hemingway died today at his Sun Valley, Idaho, home of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The author’s father had died in a similar way many years ago. According to a family statement, Mr. Hemingway was cleaning the weapon when it accidentally discharged.

July 3, 1961 – Rev. Odie Gregg preached the funeral for Allen Robinson at Salem Methodist Church this afternoon. Mr. Robinson died Saturday at his home.

July 3, 1961—Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hardwick are currently vacationing at their summer home at Gulf Shores.

July 3, 1961 – Movie actress Marilyn Monroe is reported to be showing steady improvement from recent gall bladder surgery.

July 4, 1961 – Today was the first anniversary of the 50-star U.S. flag. Hawaii entered the Union a year ago today. Many of the still new flags were flying over Hartselle today.

July 4, 1961 – Six Hartselle men were arrested for celebrating the Fourth to excess by being publicly drunk.

July 5, 1961 – L. J. Sandlin was injured this morning while attempting to crank his tractor at his farm on Hartselle 4. The crank rotated backwards, hitting Mr. Sandlin in the head. His physician sewed it up with 11 stitches. He is now listed in satisfactory condition at Hartselle Hospital.

July 5, 1961 – A man with numerous Hartselle relatives leaped to his death from the window of a Chattanooga hotel today. Burial will be in the Hartselle city cemetery.

July 5, 1961 – Charlie Clemons and Frank Hanners of Hartselle are now patients at the Baugh-Wiley-Smith Hospital in Decatur.

July 6, 1961 – School funds have been prorated 9.4 percent due to declining revenue collections.