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Residents enjoy concerts at Courthouse

We are very thankful for the wonderful rain we’re had.

Jacob Moore enjoyed spending Saturday night with Devin Ransome,

Jacob and Ashley Daugette, Vickey Daugette and Jack and Faith Kemp dined out together on Friday night.

Prayers go out for Dinky Free this week.

Get-well wishes go out for Paul Dunaway who spent a few days last week at Hartselle Medical center.

Tommy and Jennifer Hayes, Julie Daugette, Jeannie, Jacob and Jaden Moore loved cooling off at Tommy’s mom Joyce’s swimming pool on Saturday.

Very special thanks go out to Equator Black for all of his assistance and prayers from the congregation and pastor, Jacob Daugette, of Somerville Assembly.

Jayla and Vickey Daugette enjoyed a picnic at Wilson Morgan Park in Decatur on Saturday night.

Visitors at the home of Vickey Daugette on Saturday afternoon were Jack, Faith and Blake Kemp, Jacob and Ashley Daugette, Robert Johnson, Dusty, Elliot ad Lizzy O’Barr and Paula and Jayla Daugette.

The concert on the courthouse square in Somerville last weekend was very nice and enjoyable. The concerts are being held each Tuesday evening beginning at 6 p.m. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the music. For more information, call Somerville Town Hall.

Sunday luncheon guests at the home of Vickey Daugette were Tommy and Jennifer Hayes, Jeannie, Jacob and Jaden Moore, Julie Daugette, Jacob and Ashley Daugette and Jack and Faith Kemp.

Members of Somerville Assembly enjoyed attending revival services at Hilltop Church of God in Hulaco on Thursday night. Freddie Childs was the evangelist. The Shady Creek Quartet provided music. The band consists of Glenn, Dinky and Charles Free and Freddie Childs.

Bro. Jacob Daugette and Jack Kemp attended a Bible study class at the old Somerville Fire Department building on Friday night. The class begins at 6 p.m. and anyone is welcome to attend.

Very special love and happy birthday wishes go out to my one and only daughter-in-law, Ashley Daugette, on June 25.

J.J. Daugette and children attended the concert at Ingall’s Harbor n Decatur Saturday night.

Welcomed as visitors at Somerville Assembly on Sunday were Wanda Westmoreland, Gloria Callahan, John Callahan, Paul and Mary Goodwin, Robert and Norma Dempsey and Randy Rice.

I hope everyone had a blessed week. Call me at 256-621-0292 with your news items.