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Dixie Youth coaches were unfair to boy

Dear Editor,

This is a story of an eight-year- old boy playing in the Hartselle Dixie Baseball Program. He had a good regular season, was selected to the all star team and took part in several practices. He got sick and three days later the coaches of the team voted to remove him from the team and replace him.

This was done even though his doctor provided a written release to play in the first tournament game later in the week. The league president went along with this, the player representative was involved in the decision and the district director was made aware of the move. This team could win the local, district, state, and national tournaments and the kids would be winners; not so for the adults either making this decision or those allowing it to take place.

They have damaged a child, which in the future could be your child or grandchild. I cannot conceive anything that would prompt a group of people to make or support such a move. During this time, Hartselle and Dixie Youth Baseball have a black eye, coming from the mindset of a few people that winning means everything, even in the scenario of “winning vs. little boy”.

Dennis Tidwell