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Puckett turns 100

Thelma Puckett of Hartselle celebrated her 100th birthday at a reception given in her honor at the Tabernacle Dining Hall on Saturday, May 28. Attending were many of her family members and friends.
Mrs. Puckett observed her birthday two days earlier on May 26. On that day, she cooked lunch and made a banana pudding for dessert. And it was just as good as always, her family agreed. They are amazed that for someone her age, she does a good job of taking care of herself.
Mrs. Puckett is the former Thelma Lane, a native of Basham and the widow of Coy Puckett of Danville-Neel. A resident of Hartselle for 53 years, she is the mother of two children, a deceased son and a daughter, who lives in Michigan. She also has a granddaughter and four grandsons as well as a host of great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.
Mrs. Puckett is also known as “Bill,” a nickname she received from her dad when she was a little girl, and MamMaw, a named used often by her family and friends.

Thelma Puckett