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It’s hot…and summer doesn’t begin until June 21

New Center news

Hot! Hot! Hot! Is there any rain in sight? The first official day of summer or summer Solstice is Tuesday, June 21, but I think we have jumped right into summer.
Christian love and sympathy is extended to Hollie Parker’s daughters, Grace and Emily, and other Parker family members in the loss of a son, brother, husband and father, Chris Parker.
The WinGS June mission project at New Center Baptist Church will be donating items to the Caring Place to help with the disaster relief conducted by Morgan Baptist Association. Items requested are manual can openers, large grab bags, paper towels, hygiene products, water and diapers. All donations will be greatly appreciated.
Happy birthday wishes go out to Justin Riner on June 9, Lucas Ferrell, Ryleigh Patterson and Donna Tankersley, all on June 10, Mack Patterson, Anthony Rogers, Mike Gibson and Linda Speegle, all on June 12, Tina Lemmond on June 14 and Tim Penn on June 15.
Special happy birthday to Tim “Superman” Penn from the “old crazy woman.”
Happy wedding anniversary wishes go out to Steven and Stephanie Jansen on June 10, Jon and Amy Motes on June 10, Michael and Christy Pratt on June 12 and Steve and Roxanne Chisgar on June 15.
There will be a benefit singing on Saturday, June 11, at 6 p.m. at Gurley’s Music Barn for Sadie Long who has leukemia. Featured singers will be the Fellowship Quartet and Jeff Whitlow and the Old Barn Band. All proceeds will be going to the Long family.
The Fellowship Quartet will be singing at Bethlehem Baptist Church on Hwy 36, East, on Sunday, June 12, at 1 p.m. as part of the church’s homecoming observance.
Get-well wishes and a speedy recovery go out this week to Anita Penn. I hope you are feeling better.