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Letters to the editor

City needs to look at needs vs. wants

Dear Editor,
If I acquired everything that I wanted, over everything I needed, it wouldn’t be long before I over extended myself into a sea of unpaid debts. This appears to be the future for Hartselle, provided the council chooses to forego common sense, and build this wellness/aquatic center that our mayor has suggested. This is not a “fix all” for Hartselle. Instead, it could easily be  the straw that breaks  the camel’s financial back.
Our council and mayor needs to look at needs versus wants, when deciding the future for Hartselle. We need to solve the traffic problems entering and exiting our schools. After ALDOT cuts the trees from the median, we need to look at removing the utility poles and installing turn lanes all along Alabama 36. We need to  ensure that we have adequate drainage to prevent downtown from ever being flooded again.
We need to look at a way to alleviate the traffic at Nanceford Road and U.S. 31, by putting a southbound turn lane, and a left turn lane coming from the ball parks. The same applies for Bethel Road and Main Street. This will be a nightmare once the new school is finished.
We need to do upgrade work within the city hall building. Several sources have said that mold is  everywhere. We need to make sure that all of our emergency services are top notch, with good equipment and qualified personnel.
We still need a fire station on the south end of town. Lastly, we need candidates that will stand by their campaign words, and not bury future generations into needless debts, when the wants of a few override the needs of an entire community!
Mike Dowdy

Let’s put priority on storm shelters

Dear Editor,
I noticed in the Enquirer that the City of Hartselle is wanting to buy some property on U.S. Hwy 31 for the amount of $285,000 and at an earlier date they discussed building a $13 million wellness center on currently owned property.
They also put new awnings on Main Street, but we have no storm shelters to protect our people. Somerville has two and Danville and Punkin Center each are getting new shelters.
I think the right thing to do is build some shelters here to protect the people and that would show that you are interested in our needs and not spending money for things we can do without right now.
I hope other people will voice their opinions on this also.
Rachel Westmoreland

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