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Somerville news

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed week.
The Lady Patriots 12 and under softball team defeated Priceville 14-3 at Huskey Park on Saturday. Way to go, girls!
The Cotaco Indians boys eight and under baseball team claimed first place in their division with a win over Brindley Mountain last week. Team members are Eli Matkin, Cade Jones, Zac Medders, Logan Allison, Kolin Owens, Lucas Parker, Treyce Oden, Micah Ransom, Tyler Smith, Hunter Owens, and Jacob Moore. Tennis Owens is the coach. Congratulations Indians, you did a great job.
Deepest sympathy and love goes out to the family and friends of C.W. Gibson who passed away on May 20 at Decatur General Hospital. He was an outstanding man who loved baseball, softball and all of the children who played at Huskey Park, where the fields  were dedicated and named for him last year.
C.W. worked very hard to keep the concession stands running properly and all of the fields were in good shape for the games. He was a dedicated member of Pines Baptist Church for many years and was a devoted husband and father.  He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him, I will always remember hearing him sing “Ring Those Golden Bells.” He will be in our hearts always.
Jason Moore enjoyed spending Saturday night with her father, Walker Staggs.
Loy Maze of Fort Pierce, Fla. J.J. Daugette, Jayla Daugette, Jeannie Moore, Vickey and Julie Daugette enjoyed attending a spring football game at Brewer on Friday night. They enjoyed watching No. 5, Louis Daugette, and all of his teammates.
Julie Daugette, Jeannie and Jacob Daugette and stepdad Tommy Hayes enjoyed camping out on Saturday night.
Jacob and Ashley Daugette enjoyed visiting Brad and Angela Grady and boys on Saturday night.
Somerville Assembly will hold its first service on June 5. Sunday school will be at 10 a.m, with morning worship following at 11 a.m. The evening service will be at 6 p.m. A memorial service for the late Pastor Jerry Grimes will be held immediately following morning worship. Pastor Jacob Daugette and congregation invite everyone to attend.
Somerville welcomes a new business, Somerville Door Co., owned by Jacob Daugette. They specialize in all types of garage door installations and service.
Cotaco School held Field Days on Thursday and Friday.
The Walk-A-Thon for Alex Karras was a huge success at Cotaco School. Please keep Alex and his family in your prayers.
Soul Harbor Baptist Church will host an Appreciation Day on Sunday, May 29, following morning worship for Pastor Joey Staton and family. A covered dish lunch will be served. Everyone is welcome.
Jacob and Ashley Daugette ate lunch with Vickey  Daugette on Sunday after church.
Loy Maze was a welcome visitor at the home of Vickey Daugette last week. He is Vickey’s double first cousin from Fort Pierce, Fla.
He also visited other relatives in the area.
Some of the students who attended Camp McDowle recently were Kelsy Owen, Nic Humphries, Tyler Shavers, Jessi Bowen, Jessie McMinemon, Hannah Bassel, Josh L Lilly, Britney Hardy, Julie Daugette and Hunter Griffin. They all enjoyed learning about the outdoors.
Auburn football player Chris Humphries signed autographs at Cotaco School last week during the Alex Karras Walk-A-Thon.
Congratulations to Hannah Bazzel, Bailey Watkins, Savannah Childers, Morgan Stinson, Kelsey Owen, Julie Daugette, Brittney Hardy, Briana Taylor, Kelsey Borden, Satin Booker, Laura Parker, Nicole Griffin, Kennedy Winton, Alyson Presto and Hannah Petty for making the cheerleading team at Cotaco School.
Have a blessed week. Call me with your news at 256-621-0292.