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Hartselle High awards diplomas to 199 seniors

Mortarboards fly in the sky above J.P. Cain Stadium as Hartselle High School graduates celebrate the conclusion of commencement Monday night. | Clif Knight

Hartselle High School’s 199 graduating seniors were applauded for their outstanding achievements, both academically and athletically, as they assembled in J.P. Cain Stadium Monday night to receive their diplomas and say goodbye to a school system, of which many of them were a part for 13 years.

“These are well rounded kids, talented in both academics and athletics, and they have made an impact in their community as well as across the state,” said Superintendent Dr. Mike Reed. “My advice to them is to know what they want to do and go after it.”

Reed acknowledged the important role parents play in the education of their children and closed his greeting to an estimated 4,000 people in the audience by pointing out that the 2011 class received scholarship offers totaling about $4 million.

“It has been the love, support and influence of so many people that has brought our graduation candidates to this point in their lives,” said Principal Jeff Hyche. “We want to thank our teaching staff and other personnel for the important role they have played and extend to our graduates congratulations and best wishes for their success in the future.”

Two of the graduates had speaking parts on the program. Cory Livingston gave the welcome and presented the class gift, a commemorative tile that will be installed in the new high school. Hope Lewis gave the farewell address.

Honor graduates received medals, after which all students were presented diplomas. Hyche made the presentations with assistance from assistant principals Joe Weaver and Bob Young and guidance counselor and athletic director Johnny Berry and guidance counselor Kenneth Lopez.