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Be a neighbor

As of press time, it has been two weeks since the deadly tornado outbreak of April 27.  So many lives have been changed forever that it is hard to comprehend. I personally have never experienced the type of tragedy that so many people in our state have endured.  Loss of life, homes, livelihood, and the basic necessities of life are included in the terrible ordeal.  Without firsthand experience one could not even begin to feel what the victims have been through.
But the great people of Alabama have stepped up to the plate to come to the aid of their neighbors.  Before the winds had stopped blowing, survivors and even those with injuries were out searching for those who were more seriously injured or trapped.  Without regard for their own safety or injuries, many looked for those were not quite as fortunate and in need of assistance.  Citizens worked side by side with emergency personnel to free the trapped and search for the missing.
Churches, businesses and people with homes not damaged offered shelter to those who no longer had a place to call home.  As the sun came up the next day volunteers from across the state and even neighboring states were in the storm damaged areas offering whatever assistance they could.  Emergency relief centers sprang up and went into action and the people responded to their requests.  Truck loads of water were brought in along with cleaning supplies and donations of clothes to those in need.  In fact the donations of clothes were so great at many drop-off locations that requests went out to stop bringing them in.  What a great testimony that too many donations had been brought in.
Volunteers continued to pour into damaged areas to offer any assistance they could.  Local churches quickly organized disaster relief programs to provide food and necessities as well as ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of the storm victims.  According to volunteers, many of the victims simply needed someone to talk to and to share their stories of survival with.  Even the children’s needs were not forgotten when truckloads of toys were brought in to replace those lost in the storm.
Thanks to all of those who have pitched in to help, from providing shelter to a cold drink of water or even a shoulder to cry on.  Thanks to the businesses who have offered to help and collected supplies for the victims.  To all the victims you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers and more help is still to come.  May God continue to hold you in His arms.