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Plenty of April showers this year

According to an old saying, April showers bring May flowers.
If this year’s weather is any indication, then our May flowers will look awesome.
According to my rain gauge on my patio, we’ve already received about 4.7 inches of rain this month. That’s about our average for the entire month, yet we still have quite a few days left.
If the weather forecast is any indication, we’re in store for much more rainfall.
While it’s been wreaking havoc on spring sports, it’s probably been a welcome sign to our local farmers. I’m sure that many have already planted their gardens or are planning to do so.
Once you plant your gardens, it’s nice to get that good rainfall to get it going well.
About four years ago, we weren’t worried about getting too much rainfall. We were in a historic drought that was affecting every part of Alabama.
Personally, I’d rather have it a little wet than dry. No one wants to be in a drought.
Obviously, that means we wouldn’t get any pretty May flowers.
Brent Maze is the managing editor of the Hartselle Enquirer.