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New uses for old spice jars

Falkville news

Use empty spice jars to put toothpicks into. You can also put flour into them to be used to thicken gravies and to dust cake pans whenever baking. These jars can also be used to store small seed in.
Whenever watching any sports event on TV, make snacks of your choice to eat during the game, but do not overeat.
Keep an inventory of your food in a note and the amount of each item. As you use an item mark it off the list. Whenever you make your shopping list check the inventory list and you will know what to buy.
Use toothbrush holder to keep pens and pencils in.
To keep your bath tub germ free fill the tub with water and add a half cup of bleach and let it sit for 20 minutes and then clean with a cloth. After cleaning the tub dry it with paper towels.
Catch rain in a pan and then put it into plastic jugs and use it to water your potted plants.
Place newspaper flat into your flower beds to keep the weeds out.
To save money grow your own herbs. Some of these herbs can be grown in flower pots.