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A look back

By By Dr. Bill Stewart
Sept. 17, 1959 -The Falkville Blue Devils won a big victory at home tonight, defeating Elkmont by a decisive 43-0 score. Offensive talent was plentiful for Falkville but Mack Bramlett looked particularly sharp when he scored the first touchdown early in the initial quarter.
Sept. 17, 1959 – Mrs. W. H. Rollins is currently a surgical patient at Hartselle Hospital.
Sept. 17, 1959 – Mr. and Mrs. Abner Sample are continuing to receive congratulations on the celebration recently of their golden wedding anniversary.
Sept. 18, 1959 – MCHS was beaten by Athens 27-14 in a game played there tonight. The Golden Eagles scored twice before the contest had hardly gotten started and the Tigers could never get the momentum going their way. Wayne Brown accounted for MCHS’s first touchdown when he ran a kickoff all the way back. He got the second when he caught a Bobby Harris pass with only a few minutes left in the game.
Sept. 18, 1959 — Morgan County Probate Judge T. C. Almon is presently confined to Baugh-Wiley-Smith Clinic and Hospital with a knee infection.
Sept. 18, 1959 -Johnny Burns, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burns, Hartselle 2, is currently stationed at the U.S. Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
Sept. 18, 1959 – Wesley Cain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Candler Cain, has joined the U.S. Army. He will receive his basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C.
Sept. 19, 1959 – Local golfers were reading today about a new rising star. Jack Nicklaus, only 19, won the U.S. Amateur Golf Champion today at Colorado Springs. Jack is said to be a very likeable youngster.
Sept. 20, 1959 -The annual all-day memorial singing was held at Neel today. Guest singers were the Bailey Family of Tuscumbia. Louie Key is chairman of the singing.
Sept. 20, 1959 – Judy Barkley is the new president of the Falkville Future Homemakers of America (FHA) club.
Sept. 20, 1959 – Senator John Sparkman and Senator Ernest Gruening from the new state of Alaska have challenged each other to eat foods indigenous to their respective states. Senator Sparkman says he will eat Alaskan muktuk if Gruening will eat hogs eyes and chitterlings.
Sept. 20, 1959 – Asa Rountree, Jr., son of the Enquirer founder, was in North Alabama today, attending the dedication of the new Fort Payne airport. Mr. Rountree is the state aeronautics director. Governor John Patterson and former Governor Jim Folsom also participated.
Sept. 20, 1959 – During his TV recap show this afternoon, Coach Bear Bryant, commenting on the Tide’s 17-3 Saturday loss to Georgia, said, “If we don’t play better against Houston”-the next opponent-”we’ll probably get beat worse than we did against Georgia.”
Sept. 21, 1959 – Both MCHS and Decatur began practicing for their upcoming Friday game this afternoon. Decatur would have to be regarded as the favorite since they have two victories to MCHS’s one. Also the Red Raiders beat Athens whereas the Tigers lost to the Golden Eagles by a couple of touchdowns.
Sept. 21, 1959 – Senator John Sparkman opened his office in the Huntsville post office building today. His executive secretary, Lewis G. Odom, will supervise operations.
Sept. 21, 1959 – Glenn Wright has been admitted as a patient at Decatur General Hospital.
Sept. 22, 1959 – When Hartselle resident L. T. Sandlin went to his barn early this morning he was surprised to find an escaped convict, still dressed in white prison clothing. The stranger also had two pistols in his back pockets but Mr. Sandlin wasn’t harmed before the man left to find somewhere else to hide.
Sept. 22, 1959 – Falkville resident Bill Nelson had two hubcaps swiped tonight while he was watching a movie at the Princess Theatre in Decatur.
Sept. 23, 1959 – Old age pension checks in Alabama now average $41.11 per month.