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Seniors crown a gorgeous grandma

By By Leada Gore, Hartselle Enquirer
Some wore prairie gowns and bonnets, clutching white gloves as they walked slowly across the stage. Others wore glamorous evening gowns with sequins and sparkles while others wore their Sunday best resplendent with feathered hats and decorated walking sticks.
One brought her ukulele on stage and another took off her jacket on stage, tossing it over her shoulder in a perfect imitation of a runway model.
But the ladies making their way across the stage at Sparkman Civic Center weren’t your typical beauty pageant contestants. Instead, they were 38 “Gorgeous Grandmas” competing in a pageant hosted by the Hartselle Park and Recreation Department.
The event brought out hundreds of senior citizens, family members and other visitors who enjoyed the pageant, clapping loudly for their favorites and hooting their pleasure over the participant’s poses.
The pageant was open to women ages 60 and older. Escorted by members of the Hartselle Fire Department, the participants walked across the stage. Judged selected five finalists, Ann Kellett, Vina Wallace, Jean Porter, Lettie Glenn and Vivian Summerford. Each of them were asked a question.
Wallace was the first to respond to emcee Kenny Thompson. Thompson asked her when she first realized she was beautiful. She responded that she was still waiting to realize that fact, prompting laughter from the audience. Other finalists answered questions such as person they would most like to have dinner with and what the role of grandmothers should be.
In the end, tossing her jacket over her shoulder paid off for Jean Porter, who won the Gorgeous Grandma pageant. First runner up was Ann Kellett; second runner up was Vivian Summerford; third runner-up was Luttie Glenn; and fourth runner-up was Vina Wallace.
Other participants were: Gayle Childers, Betty Fuqua, Velma Boldin, Vera Miller, Maria Gogliordo, Irene Wells, Zipp Tankersley, Jo Ann Johnson, Catherine Burgess, Gwynell Taylor, Frances Downs, Dixie Rylant, Bea Chaney, Rebecca Zean, Movlyn Roberson, Thelma Mattox, Judy McClellan, Brenda Flowers, Cecile Prieve, Kathy Rollins, Ella Franks, Maville Oden and Peggy Callahan.