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Letter to the Editor

By Staff
Now’s the time to work together
Our pastor touched on politics this morning, in essence saying, we got what God intended!
Behold, it is now post election and the sun still shines, still rises in the east, sets in the west and warms our backs. Birds still sing, water runs down hill with a gurgling melody and our spouse still expects too much of us. Is anything changed? Not that I can tell.
We fought a good fight, with our best sword, prayer. Alas, it did not appear to work, we lost! Or did we? Did we not pray as taught, i.e. pray that “God’s will be done”? Did He hear our prayer and turn His back to us? Was our prayer answered and this is it? What did God intend? It assuredly was not the destruction of His people! Therefore, this must be His answer, His will, and we must work with what He provided! It is now (still) our task to make “our world” work – “better”- to His glory and the salvation of His people! Do not despair! Although not easy, it is now our task to get behind our leaders and ensure society moves in the correct paths to the ends as intended. The work of our sword, prayer, is still in process and is the best, and only, answer.
Had you noticed? It seems, to me at least, Obama does not seem as misguided and dogmatic as before? Is this true or is it wishful thinking? I think it’s true. He won and is now intent on finding and doing what is best for the nation and its people. We cannot, must not, despair because “despair is the worst enemy of success”!
Lets go, let’s do it and we can – together!
James L. Nix
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