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Hartselle Enquirer

A look back

By By Dr. Bill Stewart
Oct. 30, 1958-The manager of Decatur radio station WHOS, Louis Blizzard, spoke to local Kiwanians. He discussed the radio industry from its earliest days to the current situation. Even though TV is very competitive with radio, there are now more radio stations than ever before.
Oct. 30, 1958-The song of the week at MCHS is “Big Daddy.” It is dedicated to Skipper Drinkard by school columnists Becky White and Frances Orr.
Oct. 30, 1958-Southern Bell is currently building a new relay station here. The company’s regional manager, Avery Taylor, said the new facility will mean better service for Hartselle telephone subscribers. The project should be completed by June 1959.
Oct. 31, 1958-J. C. Pettey, principal of MCHS, injured his knee this morning while working around the bleachers of the football field.
Oct. 31, 1958-Open house is being held today and tomorrow at the Garden Shop, the antique store of Mrs. J. E. Stone. Mrs. Stone has a new and larger stock of antiques, many acquired on a recent trip through the New England states.
Oct. 31, 1958-The Arabian football Knights beat MCHS by a
score of 18-6 here tonight. Hartselle’s first and only score came when the Knights fumbled the ball on the Tigers’ 40-yard line. On the next play David McElroy carried the ball down to the six. Then Arab was assessed a five-yard penalty for being offsides. Charles Howell took the ball over the goal line after three attempts. Benford Mayfield’s PAT attempt was wide.
Nov. 1, 1958-Morgan County Sheriff Jimmie Collier and his deputies not only located and destroyed two medium to large stills this morning but also apprehended two of the moonshiners involved with the illegal liquor operation. The men were caught while they were pouring sugar into the still. The whiskey factory was located about two and one-half miles south of Roundtop church.
Nov. 1, 1958-Patty Jane Montgomery, a sophomore at Judson College, was crowned homecoming queen for Marion Military Institute this afternoon between halves of the M.M.I.-Southern Union College football game.
Nov. 1, 1958-Bow and arrow deer hunting is allowable until Nov. 9 in the counties and areas open to fall deer hunting.
Nov. 2, 1958—Postal patrons will be pleased to learn that Sunday mail is being dispatched now. All mail dropped at the Hartselle post office before 5 p.m. Sunday will be sent out that evening.
Nov. 3, 1958—The Hartselle Players have postponed their latest undertaking, “The Happiest Millionaire,” for at least a month or two.
Nov. 4, 1958—Sims and Wallace Contractors are building a three-bedroom home in the new Crestline subdivision.
Nov. 5, 1958-Dr. David Chandler returned home today from New Orleans where he had been attending a Southern Medical Association meeting.
Nov. 5, 1958-Homecoming was celebrated at Morgan County Training School today. A big parade was held through town, led by head majorette Dorothy Hopper. In the game, the MCTS Blue Eagles fell to Russellville by the score of 13-0.