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Navigating the great divide

By By Beth Chapman, Guest Columnist
The Presidential Election of 2008 could easily become known as the great divide. Never before in the course of history has there been a greater contrast in two Presidential candidates than there is this year. Sure, there has always been a Democrat and a Republican and that is contrast enough, but this year it is an even greater divide.
One candidate has been voted the most liberal senator in the United States Senate. That is a pretty strong statement. That means he is ahead of Senator Ted Kennedy from the great state of “Taxachutesses.” That puts him in not a typical alleged position of being liberal, it means he is so liberal that even his liberal peers line up behind him in their liberal causes and legislative positions.
The other candidate is a conservative maverick with his own set of weaknesses, but being liberal is certainly not one of them. He is conservative and the exact opposite of his opponent. He speaks very directly, decisively and without apology for his conservative causes. Though his conservative positions have come under attack, anyone is conservative compared to his opponent. So at worse, you have a conservative moderate or moderate conservative against a liberal liberal.
Only you know which one you will support. However, it would be wise to research each candidate. Don’t just listen to what they tell you they support, pull up their voting records on the internet and see what they have supported. Watch the debates and pray for discernment to make the right choice (no pun intended).
Which man do you agree with most? Which one best represents what you believe in and which direction America should go? Where is each of them on the key issues of importance to you? Do you prefer a moderate conservative or a liberal liberal? America’s future depends on you and your vote. Educate yourself and cast your vote wisely. There is a great divide.