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By Staff
Coaches have best interest at heart
I am writing this email in response to the e-sound off opinion titled “Coaches not good for players.” As vice president of Hartselle Youth Football, I can say with authority that our program was not portrayed accurately by the anonymous sports parent.
Our program is a exceptional program for teaching our young boys and girls good sportsmanship, work ethic and competitiveness—all of which each child will need as they mature into adults.
We do not “stack teams” as the author states. In fact, we conduct a player and cheerleader draft prior to each season. We have two teams in each age group (except the 11/12 year olds) and each coach participates in the draft. Our goal, as the board of directors, is to have all of our teams be as equal as possible, and, for teach each participant the fundamentals of football and cheerleading. Our duty as officers, coaches and parents is to prepare these children so they will be prepared to participate at the next level, if they so choose.
Further, our program is growing very rapidly. I am in my fourth year of involvement with our program (second year as vice president), and we have increased our player and cheerleader participation each year. This year alone, we signed up 50 more participants than last year. Our 5/6 year old league switched from flag to tackle this year, and we only expected to have about 20 players. We signed up 40 football players and 32 cheerleaders which required us to have two teams. We have two teams in each of our 7/8 and 9/10 year old leagues, and each have increased to approximately 50 players and 10 cheerleaders each. Our 11/12 year old league signed up 40 players and eight cheerleaders this year—which is double that of last year. In my two years as vice president, the board has not received a single request for one of our participants to be released to play football or cheer for Priceville or Danville.
Lastly, our organization is set up to where if any parent, player or cheerleader has a problem, they can communicate that problem to the head coach. If they have a problem with their head coach, they can bring that problem directly to the board. As of the writing of this email, we (the board of directors) have not received any complaints, nor, have we received any request for board intervention. Hartselle Youth Football is comprised solely of volunteers who donate their time and resources to ensure a positive experience for each participant. If “sports parent”is dissatisfied with our program, then I invite them to volunteer to be a coach and/or a board member.
Jeff Hillman
Vice President
Hartselle Football, Inc.
Organizers thank community
Our community came together to make our second annual United Way Barbecue a success! The city of Hartselle would like to say thank you to the businesses and individuals who helped to sponsor our United Way Fundraiser on Thursday, Sept.28, at the Tabernacle. Our sponsors included the following: Vincent Furniture, Coldwell Banker, Mack’s by the Trax, Whitt’s Barbecue, M Prints, Gold Mine Jewelry, Pig Stand Barbecue, Pearson’s Animal Clinic, Eddie Preuitt Ford, Peck’s Funeral Home, Polka Dots, Dari- Delite, Worley’s Texaco, Corum’s Building Supply, Genesis Construction, Inc., Bob and Dixie Francis, Hartselle Medical Center, Kinney’s Pro Glass, Hartselle, Exxon, Byford’s Plumbing, S &S Electric, Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. and Walmart.
We would also like to thank the Hartselle Camp Meeting Association for allowing us to use the Tabernacle and Ace Auto Body Shop, Inc. for spreading the word on their digital sign.
We would also like to thank the businesses and individuals that purchased plate lunches. We collected $1,561 to be given to the United Way of Morgan County. Thank you for making our fundraiser a great success.
Chad Johnson - Fire Department
Wayne Jones - Public Works Department
Staci McCormick &Lacy Garnett - Park &Recreation Department
Capt. Tom Sparks - Police Department
Susan Seibert - Dept. of Development