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By Staff
Tax renewal makes good sense
The expiration of the tax came as a surprise to Superintendent Don Murphy and school board members earlier this month. Unfortunately, the discovery didn’t come soon enough to put a tax renewal proposal on the ballot for the Nov. 7 General Election.
Now a special election will have to be conducted to put the question of renewal before voters. It will be an added expense plus the schools stand to lose out on property taxes paid on motor vehicles during the last quarter of 2005.
There is a lot at stake. The schools would lose about $4.5 million a year if the tax is not renewed.
To deny the schools that amount of money would have immediate as well as far-reaching consequences. It would be a big step backward for a school system that has improved dramatically in recent years and earned a reputation of being one of the best county systems in the state.
The renewal of this tax is an A-plus-plus for education in Morgan County.