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System upgrade to benefit 450 customers

By Staff
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
Water pressure will be increased for about 450 Hartselle Utilities customers later this year with the completion of a 12-inch main water line loop in the city’s low level water zone. The affected area extends east to west from Highway 31 and Railroad Street and North to South from Chestnut Street to Karl Prince Drive.
Residential and business customers in that area can expect to have a 20 to 35psi boost in water pressure when the loop goes on line, according to Craig Carden, project engineer. Currently, the pressure ranges from 40 to 50psi. The number of customers affected represents about seven percent of Hue’s 6,566 water customers.
The project is under contract to C.D. Roberts Contracting Inc of Jasper at a cost of $275,000. It involves the installation of 2,700 feet of 12 inch PVC pipe, including a 150- feet bore under Highway 31 at the Nanceford Road intersection. Construction work was 75 percent complete last week.
Carden said work began on Aug. 5 and is scheduled to be completed not later than Nov. 5.
He also said the boost in water pressure would give that area better fire protection.