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Here’s to a great first two years

By Staff
Leada Gore, Editor
In the marriage world, two years isn’t a long time. In our office, we have people who throw around numbers like 15, 35 and even more like it’s nothing. Compared to those people, being married for two years isn’t a major feat.
Still, Greg and I are excited this week to be celebrating our second anniversary. We’re even more excited that there’s no hurricane threatening the Gulf Coast as it was when we married (Hurricane Ivan) and our first anniversary (Hurricane Katrina.)
While two years may not be a long time, it is good to know Greg and I have outlasted Britney Spears and husband No. 1 (55 hours); Drew Barrymore and both her husbands (1 month, eight days and five moths, respectively) and just about all of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s marriages.
There are some things I have learned in the past two years:
Several months ago, we went to Mississippi to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Greg’s grandparents.
Because Greg and I married late, I don’t think it’s possible for us to mark our 70th anniversary. Who knows, though? If things keep going as well as they have in the first two, we can at least shoot for 65 years.