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Breakfast program in place for school year

By Staff
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
When Hartselle students return to class Aug. 10 they will see some positive changes in the child nutrition program, according to Carol Jane White, director.
The breakfast program will be added at Hartselle High and Hartselle Junior High schools at a cost of $1.25 for students, $1.50 for school personnel and $1.75 for visitors. Students who qualify for free lunches won't pay anything and those who qualify for reduced-price lunches will pay 25 cents. The menu will include juice and milk, sausage and biscuit and cereal. The meal will be served from 7:15 a.m. until the bell rings.
"We're pleased that the school board has approved the serving of breakfast at all of our schools," White said.
"It's such an important meal. The evidence shows that the ability to retain information and do well on test scores improves when the student eats breakfast."
'The change requires that one cafeteria worker at each school will have to come in an hour earlier than usual and leave an hour earlier than usual. We don't anticipate any increase in the cost to operate the cafeterias,' White said.
A newcomer attraction at each cafeteria will be slush drinks in assorted flavors.
"We've just gotten in the equipment to make drinks from crushed ice and 100 percent fruit juice" White said.
"They will be available at each elementary school for 50 cents and at the junior high and high school for 75 cents."
She added that the schools have contracted with a vendor to supply them with ice cream products that meet state nutrition standards.
School lunch prices will be the same as they were last school year, $1.75 for students, $2.25 for employees and $2.75 for visitors.