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By Staff
Cheerleading complaints true
(Former) Hartselle School Board chairman, Greg Cain, recently opened a regular board meeting offering praises to the recent cheerleader tryouts, saying that they were a complete success. Who is he trying to fool? Was this a way to avert some of the people present that had legitimate complaints, or another classic example of pandering?
For two years, there weren't any complaints regarding the cheerleader tryouts. Numerous violations of the policy were obviously skirted. Lowering the standards immediately before tryouts, so that the alleged unqualified can qualify, shows favoritism.
Mr. Cain also wants your vote in the upcoming election for Morgan County Probate Judge. The Probate Judge office is not to be taken lightly. It requires an objective point of view, and a clear understanding of Alabama law. It is a very important position, that I personally, cannot envision Mr. Cain being allowed to decide such important issues.
Mike Dowdy
Writer thankful for assistance
I praise God for giving us such a beautiful day Saturday for our (Rickett's family fundraiser) yard sale and for all of the wonderful people who had a helping hand in making our yard sale such a great success.
Plus, the great lunch brought in to us. Love and thanks to all.
Mary and Jimmy Davis
Brian, Julie and Shelby Davis