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Story of Coach Pitts brought back memories
It was heartwarming to see that Coach Pitts has decided to come "home" to Hartselle. I was one of his "boys" and truly enjoyed his direction and inspiration in life. He taught me much more than about football.
I remember that our 1972 team missed the state playoffs by 1/2 point, back when they used the point system. Not bad for a 6-4 team that easily could have been 9-1, except for a couple of bad breaks. Coach Pitts taught us to just keep working hard even though we experienced disappointment. As I recall, the 1973 team did make the state playoffs.
Even after our time was over at HHS, Coach Pitts continued to be concerned about us. Whenever I would run into him on the street, he would always ask how things were going. He genuinely cared about each and everyone of us.
I left Hartselle in early 1981, and have lived in several places since. Finally settling in sunny southern California in 1989. Been here ever since. Have had the opportunity to meet several high school coaches here in this area over the years. I compare them to Coach Pitts and realize how fortunate I was to have experienced his leadership and compassion.
It's definitely a different era out here now than in Hartselle in the early 70s, but one thing is still clear to me. A great high school coach makes a difference and touches many lives in more ways than one for years after the playing days are over.
When I read John Grisham's book "Bleachers" I was reminded of Coach Pitts and his influence on the young men from Hartselle.
P.S. Coach Pitts, if you ever make it to the San Diego area, bring your clubs. I'll show you some of the most picturesque golf courses in the nation.
Richard (Ricky) Tucker, Esq.
La Mesa, Ca.