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By Staff
City is something to be proud of
Hartselle is alive and going strong. Our quality of life in this area is second to none. Our school system is outstanding and our business climate is thriving.
During the past three years, we've had approximately $3 million invested in restaurants alone. We average approximately $10 million annually in total building permits, such as housing, new business, churches, etc. The supply and demand system is working and we are thankful for all the opportunities it provides.
We are also thankful to our current city leaders who are working hard to make good, sound decisions for all of Hartselle.
Our school system continues to be our greatest asset and primary drawing feature. We have a strong system with quality teachers, principals, administrative staff and support personnel. Thank you for all of your efforts.
Our children continue to perform at high levels, keeping the Hartselle City School System among the top in the state. We've been ranked in the top 12 systems at the state level for the last 10-15 years based on nationally required Stanford Achievement Tests. Students scored 100 percent passing rate in reading and science on the graduation exam.
The class of 2004 was awarded over $900,000 in scholarships. In addition to academics, the system provides numerous activities for its students. Student clubs and organizations do volunteer work and provide services. Our choral and band students consistently receive superior ratings at competitions. State titles have been won by several of our sports teams.
We are now under a new city administration and will soon have a new school superintendent. During this transition, we should remain positive, work hard to be good citizens and good leaders, and keep the bar high.
Hartselle is not a product of apathy but of unselfish dedication and integrity. Now is the time for the majority who have chosen to remain silent to be heard.
Kevin and Sally Corum
Wife has earned loads of thanks
I am going to step out the purview of my political convictions with this letter, and write a long overdue tribute to a very special person that I have known well for over 23 years. This woman is as good as they come, with her strong will, values and determination.
She raises children, keeps the house running, nurses family members when they are sick, does secretarial work, and always gives much more than she ever receives.
She's kind, warm, considerate, understanding, and beautiful, inside and out.
Over the past three months, I have witnessed personally, her will, and her faith in God. Over the same three months, she has lost her brother and her father, yet never questioning God for her losses. She has been a pillar for her mother, and a beacon for her family that not just shines, it radiates.
On April 3, she and I will celebrate 23 years of marriage. There have been many bumps in the road over these years. We have had many great times, and a few bad times, some happy times and some sad times. Along with God's help, we have two great kids. We may never have fame or fortune, but what we have is much more valuable than either of these.
I love this woman, and I know that she loves me. I knew the minute I met her (at a Pizza Hut, on a Halloween night, 24 years ago) that she was the one for me. So, this year, I want to boldly proclaim that I am proud to be married to this gal. Without her, my world would be so incomplete.
Dinah, my love, happy anniversary, Dear. Thank you for the past 23 years. I sincerely hope and pray that we can celebrate many, many more anniversaries together.
I love you!
Mike Dowdy
Council working hard for Hartselle
I would like to write about some of the positive things going on in Hartselle over the last six months. This city council has worked very hard to hit the ground running and achieve success over the first six months.
One positive achievement that has happened is the movement of funding from the House of Appropriations Committee to appropriate $1.3 million for a road project around the Interstate 65 and Highway 36 interchange.
I would like to personally thank Congressman (Bud) Cramer and Congressman (Robert) Aderholt for this commitment to our important appropriations.
I would also like to congratulate our new fire chief, Steve Shelton, and police chief, Ron Puckett, and hope that everyone will support them in their future careers.
I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people that have applied for different board positions over the last few months. Without these important people in our town, various organizations would not have the oversight and help that they so desperately need.
Over the next few months I will always try to continue to reach positive conclusions for all of Hartselle's citizens in order to continue moving in a positive direction.
Again thank you for your support.
Mark Mizell
Hartselle City Councilman