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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Feb. 17, 1955 -Russell Mattox and Brenda Aldridge are leaders of Hartselle's 4-H clubs. Advisers are Mrs. Orval Sparkman and Mrs. Alice Prince.
Feb. 18, 1955 -Governor James E. Folsom has appointed Hugh Plemmons, Guy Dumas, and C. E. Howse to replace J. W. Alldredge, Ira Summerford, and John Payne who resigned from the Falkville City Council recently on account of too much conflict with Mayor R. D. Gibbons as well as their fellow-councilmen.
Feb. 19, 1955 -Senator John Sparkman, Hartselle native, is now well into his second full term, having even more influence to serve the people of his hometown and the state at large.
Feb. 20, 1955 -Bob Harris, who got his B.S. from Auburn in 1951 and his law degree at Alabama last year, is currently serving on the U.S. Court of Military Appeals. (Mr. Harris represented Morgan County in the State Senate, 1966-1974.)
Feb. 21, 1955 -Hartselle Mayor John Burleson is very concerned that the poor of this area get the food they need to survive and that the government has in such great surplus. He has expressed a willingness to take over direction of the county program if asked.
Feb. 22, 1955 -Hartselle First Baptists will break ground for a new educational building and chapel on Woodland Drive this spring.
Feb. 22, 1955 -Mr. Ross V. Ford is reported to be in declining health. He served as principal of MCHS during the 1953-54 term and before that was principal of Falkville High School.
Feb. 23, 1955 -The Federal Communications Commission is still sitting on the application of Gene Newman to operate a 250-watt radio station in Hartselle. It is not known when action will be taken on Mr. Newman's petition that was filed five years ago.
Feb. 23, 1955 -Martha Jean Channell is currently completing her internship as a medical technician at Decatur Clinic. She is considering employment opportunities out of state following her graduation.