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Hartselle Enquirer

A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Hartselle's completely new set of elected officials is now in place by virtue of their inauguration Monday evening.
1947 -October 7, Hartselle's electric department has been efficiently organized by the current city administration. Personnel include N. C. Sharrott, Charles Oden, Sidney Wright, Hubert Penn, and Truman Aldridge.
1908 -October 8, Dr. H. C. McRee is serving most satisfactorily as Hartselle's town physician. Health conditions could not be better.
1955 -October 9, The opening of its new wing early next year will give the Hartselle Hospital a 26-bed capacity. City leaders have been strongly supportive of this expansion as it increases Hartselle's attractiveness as a major health care center.
1957 -October 10, Management of the Ranch Theatre needs additional assistance from city police to help them corral vandals who pilfer the moveable sign letters from the theatre's big electric sign on North Sparkman street. Routine police patrols have been inadequate so far in coping with this problem.
1960 -October 11, Due to rising costs Hartselle city leaders will probably have no choice but to require local residents to pay 50 cents a month for garbage collection in 1961.
1939 -October 12, The suit which Alabama Power Company filed against Hartselle in connection with the switch to TVA power remains unresolved. It is hoped that a costly trial can be avoided, with the city buying Alabama Power's facilities and property inside Hartselle for a reasonable price.
1963 -October 12, H. B, Sherrill is considering leaving the city clerk position in which he has served so ably for several years. If he does quit it will be up to the city council to select his replacement. Aside from the mayor himself, the city clerk is the central point of contact for Hartselle residents with their local government.
1957 -October 13, Since quite a few stores plan to continue their Wednesday afternoon closings, even during the winter months, Police Chief Curtis Chaney is being asked to give motorists a holiday from parking meters.