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By Staff
Former resident has high hopes for new council
The people of the city of Hartselle have spoken, and I sincerely hope those persons elected to office have been listening to what their constituents have been saying.
Persons who hold elected office are similar to trustees. They were elected to represent the people's interests in numerous areas. It seems that throughout North Alabama for several years, it has been a trend not necessarily to vote someone into office so much as it is to vote someone out of office. Why? In my opinion, this is a direct result of the office holder's failure to represent the people's interests in a fair and reasonable manner. We're all human, and subject to making mistakes, yet it seems like an avocation for local politicians to inject their own desires into their governmental functions rather than the interests of those that chose to put him/her into office.
One only had to visit a council meeting for the city of Hartselle to witness this practice first-hand.
Over the past couple or three years, I've had occasion to be present at council meetings a number of times, and there was seldom a meeting in which tempers of individual personalities failed to flare. I've even heard elected city officials refer to other elected city officials as "idiots and children."
There were times when virtually all of the council acted like irritated children, even to pitching their little temper tantrums. Their actions seemed to mean, if you don't play what I want to play, I'll pick up my toys and go home!
I no longer live in Hartselle, yet I consider Hartselle as my home. I challenge each person sworn into public office in the city of Hartselle to listen to the people and vote what the people want.
It's time to put petty differences aside and function as adult, responsible people who have only the vested interests of their constituents and the good of the city as a whole as their primary focus.
The business of the city should be conducted with dignity and purpose, with each official voting on behalf of those who elected him/her. I'd also like to commend those who were ousted in the election just past for those accomplishments they managed to make in spite of themselves.
Just think what it could have been if they had worked harder at working together to build Hartselle!
Hershell C. Brown