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Simple ways to save time

By Staff
Mon's Corner, Michelle Blaylock
Time. There never seems to be enough of it. My grandmother used to say, "When your young the days are short, but the years are long; When your old the days are long, but the years are short."
Well, I must be truly middle aged, because they both seem short to me. The days don't seem to be long enough to squeeze in everything I need or want to get done; and didn't I just finish Christmas? Well, in an effort to save my sanity (well what's left of it anyway); I've come up with some time conservation tips. Here's a few that work for me:
1. When you're frying hamburger, fry enough for several meals then label and freeze it. When time is short you can still put together a quick meal with the hamburger by just adding seasoning such as tacos, chili, Hamburger Helper, etc. Do you have to chop onions or green peppers? Try to chop up extra and freeze for use later. Don't forget to label, nothing ever looks quite the same once it's been in the freezer.
2. I often find it hard to stay caught up on our laundry (probably because we average three loads a day). I found that if I put in a load in the wash right before bed and then put it in the dryer right after I get
up, I stay caught up better and I feel like even while I sleep something's getting done.
3. Speaking of getting up, I'm not a great morning person. However, I don't seem to have a choice in the matter. The schools just don't seem interested in changing their schedule to suit me (imagine that!). I've found that when I get up if I go ahead and shower, put on make-up, get dressed, etc., that although I don't look like June Cleaver, I do get more done and I'm ready for anything that the day may throw my way.
4. Have you ever thought about what you can get done while waiting for an appointment?
You can clip and sort coupons, make grocery or errand lists, make menus for the next few weeks, write notes to friends and family, read to your children (if they're waiting, too), work on a craft or hobby like cross-stitch, crochet, knitting, etc. I knew a foster mom in Kentucky that took along her scrapbook and supplies to appointments.
She even carried a light weight TV tray to use as a desk.
What's your favorite time conservation tip? Send it to me at: Mom's Corner; P.O. Box 1496; Hartselle, AL 35640. Have a great week!